Serbian Chamber of Commerce: Low berry yields in Serbia, quality must be higher

27 November 2020


Serbia has 40,000 ha berry plantations, but the yield is only 5.5 t per ha, which is typical of under-developed production, Advisor to the President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce Veljko Jovanovic said on 26th November 2020. At the PIB project webinar Dutch Recommendations for Producing Berries (and Cherries) in Serbia, Jovanovic said frozen raspberry exports in 2019 had reached EUR 209 mn, with an average export price of EUR 1.5 per kg, which means more top quality raspberry exports would be good. “The situation must change. We must work on achieving the quality the market wants, primarily by introducing new varieties,” Jovanovic pointed out. The solution includes high-quality propagating material, strict control and implementation of standards, development of real cooperatives, and education, he said, noting that the PKS had organized seminars in areas where berries were cultivated. Ambassador of the Netherlands to Serbia Gilles Beschoor Plug highlighted that Serbian blueberries were in high demand in the Dutch market, adding that there were great chances for cooperation between the two countries in the berry sector.

Serbian Chamber of Commerce


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